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Mar. 6th, 2012

Almost 8 months after my last entry. I got so lazy to update!

Harper Seven Beckham

The 4th child of David & Victoria Beckham. Their first daughter.

I'm sure Victoria is ecstatic. After 3 boys came the daughter.

Congrats Harper Seven. You have no idea how HUGE your Mom's Birkin & Kelly collection.

Lucky girl :))

Congratulations to David & Victoria too. Naks! 


Banana Republic

I loved Banana Republic to bits in the mid-90's. They have the best khaki shorts. And I had to ask friends in LA to get for me after I bought one during a trip. Since over used na, I had to ask favor from them to buy me more. And in different shades of brown too. Gotta find those pics of me wearing them.

And mind you, in size 2 and size 0.

When Banana Republic opened shop in Greenbelt 5, I find the prices a bit on the pricey side. Never bought anything until two weeks ago.

Not clothes but shoes...

Never bought 3 pairs in one shopping trip to a store since I got married.

They all fall into what I was looking for in shoes lately.  Camel, nude, platform, wedge, comfy & lightweight.

I guess this what happens when one wears Tory Burch flats for a long period of time LOL! 

The two pairs were 25% off. The 3rd one, 40% off :))


I'm loving Classic Confection's cookies lately.

I used to get Nono's Chocolate Oblivion and Banana Cream Pie from their Barrio Kapitlyo, Pasig location way back in 2003.
And their bakery is on the 4th floor of a building pa.

Two weeks ago after a quick lunch at Pepper Lunch Greenbelt 5 with Patrice, she asked what's for dessert.

For a change, I asked her to pick something from the nearby shop of Classic Confections. She chose the pretty
cookies and ate it while I was picking up stuff I had reserved at Banana Republic sale. Ubos! Curious, I took a bite at the
2nd cookie inside the bag. No wonder she finished it all. Not just pretty, the cookie underneath the hard icing tastes like
the yummy shortbread buttery cookies I tried years ago but I forgot the name.

I have tried other icing cookies at two kids' parties but Classic Confections' are the best!

Classic Confections
2/f Greenbelt 5
Makati City, Philippines

Peking Duck craving 2

They say when you want something badly, the universe will conspire with you so you'll have it. Something like that. Basta ganun.

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to Rocky's classmate's sister's 1st birthday. They are Chinese and the invite said the party is in a Chinese Restaurant.

The lauriat was intense. The 12-seat table only had us - 2 adults & 2 kids and from Rocky's girl classmate - 2 adults & 1 kid.

Peking duck was part of the menu. And since Bong doesn't like Peking duck wrapped in Mandarin pancakes & leeks, it was heaven for me!

See that  crunchy skin there?

The restaurant is a new "discovery" for us who are GloriaMaris & Choi regulars.

City Best Seafood Restaurant
Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Hong Kong

Barely two weeks before our HK trip and I'm starting with my list of what to buy.

This is my 2nd trip to HK this year. Maybe another one in November?

Mom & Dad was in Singapore last week. Even with the GST refund, HK still has the better prices.